3 Freaky Family Curses

By now, we all know that I love a good curse. I’m fascinated by them. Maybe that’s because the feeling of impending dread handed down by generations of hereditary trauma resinates with me. So, before we turn this into an open therapy session, let’s explore some of the most infamous cases of freaky family curses.…

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The Life of Baba Vanga: The Blind Mystic of the Balkans

October 3rd, 1911 in what is now Strumica, North Macedonia, a baby was born prematurely. As is customary, she was not given a name until she was deemed likely to survive. It is said that when she first cried out, the midwife rushed into the street to ask a stranger for a name for the…

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3 More Cursed Items

Y’know, I just can’t resist a good ol’ curse. There’s just something about an otherwise ordinary object, hiding a frightfully unusual past that I just love. What makes an item cursed? Is it the latent emotional energy of a tragic event or previous owner impressed upon the item? Is a curse created only by the…

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Ghosts and Ghouls

There’s good reason to fear the darkness, but just what causes a spirit to haunt this mortal plain? From vanishing hitchhikers to pesky poltergeists, we’ll dive into some devious delightful tales of famous haunts from past and present. 

Unsolved Mysteries

Did a talking Mongoose really inhabit a farmhouse on the Isle Of Man? What happened in Tunguska? Will that shabbaroon, Saint Germain, ever return my calls? The world is full of enigmas, let us go forth and explore them together.

Cryptids and Folklore

Let’s burrow deep into the muddy tunnels of legend and discover manner of weird and wonderful beasties, both corporeal and incorporeal. From the Fae Folk of old to the famous friends we all know and love,