The 27 Club

It’s made up of world famous musicians, actors and other high-flying celebrities, but the infamous ’27 Club’ isn’t one you’d want to be part of. Members are said to include the like of Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse, but some have denied its existence all together, so let’s explore. What is the 27…

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3 Frightful Royal Ghosts

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that last week saw the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Whatever your views on the modern monarchy, I think it’s fair to say that ol’ Liz certainly spent her 70 years on the throne, reigning with unparalleled devotion and duty.  As we spend most of our…

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The Curse Of Tutankhamun

Public perception of the famous (or now, infamous) boy King, Tutankhamun, has undergone a complete 180 in recent years, but the tale of his accompanying curse still inspires shudders from contemporary audiences.  But what do we really know about the Boy King and is his deadly curse a matter of fact or fiction? Let’s discuss.…

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Ghosts and Ghouls

There’s good reason to fear the darkness, but just what causes a spirit to haunt this mortal plain? From vanishing hitchhikers to pesky poltergeists, we’ll dive into some devious delightful tales of famous haunts from past and present. 

Unsolved Mysteries

Did a talking Mongoose really inhabit a farmhouse on the Isle Of Man? What happened in Tunguska? Will that shabbaroon, Saint Germain, ever return my calls? The world is full of enigmas, let us go forth and explore them together.

Cryptids and Folklore

Let’s burrow deep into the muddy tunnels of legend and discover manner of weird and wonderful beasties, both corporeal and incorporeal. From the Fae Folk of old to the famous friends we all know and love,