Dr Lucius J Hawthorn

A Short Biography

I am Dr Lucius J Hawthorn, perhaps you’ve heard of me? If not, then no matter, we will  rectify this with a simple introduction.

I am the foremost expert in the pseudo-scientific world, having “earned” my credentials from the top psychical and cryptozoological research institutes this side of the observable universe. 

From the glistening tundra beyond the artic circle, to the rainforests along the Tropic of Capricorn, I have traveled the world for countless years, examining all manner of mysteries and supernatural shenanigans. I even spent a few years in Alcatraz and emerged relatively unscathed. 

And now, with the powers of the internet, I have graciously decided to open my files to you, dear reader, so that we may join together and traverse this hellscape we call life. Perhaps we shall find some meaning in it? Perhaps we shall catch a glimpse of what lies beyond our mortal sensibilities for there is truly more than we could ever imagine – be they of horrors or heavens. 

Keep up to date with all of our bizarre happenings and subscribe to my various channels of “social media”. Feel free to “tweet” or “slide into my DMs” (which I believe is the common vernacular) with cases that pique your interest and I will gladly search my archives for the relevant files.

Let us lift the veil to the unseen world and walk together into the darkness.

Dr LJ Hawthorn

PS, Saint Germain, if you should find yourself reading this, I want my letters back, you strumpet.