Another 3 Paranormal Photos – Fact or Fake?

The Hospital Demon 

First appearing on Reddit, this creepy image purportedly shows a demon dancing on the bed of a patient who, supposedly, died soon after. The image itself was allegedly taken by a nurse who was monitoring the patient’s room via CCTV. 

Hospitals can be real strange places and this image is certainly a creepy capture, evoking images of a medieval style demon, with two feet upon the hospital bed, body bent over at the waist and strange diamond shape head.

The blurriness of the picture makes it hard to decipher, but the light and shadow conform to the rest of the image, still that doesn’t mean we can completely rule out any photoshop trickery. 

Personally however, I don’t think this is a case of photo manipulation. 

Let’s look at this image carefully and start with the foot on the bed. Now let’s follow the leg to the “demon’s” knee, where it seems to split to it’s “back foot”. Once we reassess this form, it’s easy to reinterpret this as the right leg of the patient, bent at the knee with their foot one the bed. Then, the highlight one the “demon’s” thigh becomes the rail of the hospital bed. Its body and head becomes nothing more than misidentified medical equipment and, perhaps, a balloon or hanging coat, of similar. 

Personally, I’m happy to view this undeniably creepy photo through the eyes of pareidolia: interpreting random objects or patterns as human figures or faces.

But what about the this patient? Did they pass away after the image was taken? Well, we don’t know, but it is a hospital after all, and it’s not uncommon to die in them. 

Unless, perhaps, this patient sold their soul, and the Devil himself came to collect?

Creep Factor: 💀💀💀💀💀 – deviantly devilish

Believability: 💀- probably a case of pareidolia. Unless that’s what the Devil wants us to think…

The Myakka Skunk Ape 

The Skunk Ape is, according to some, Bigfoot’s smelly, Floridian cousin. Described as a bipedal ape-like creature, the Skunk Ape is said to inhabit the southeastern United States, particularly Florida. 

Sightings of this alleged beast date as far back as 1818, and is named after the skunk-like odour many attribute to it.

The two images above supposedly arrived on the desk of the Sarasota Sheriff’s Department, accompanied by an anonymous letter, which claimed the subject had been annoying the photographer for some time, by climbing on the back deck of their house. S

Believers in the Skunk Ape consider the images to be genuine while neigh-sayers claim it to be a purposeful hoax. 

The letter itself thought the creature may have been an escaped orangutang, and I’m inclined to agree. The movement of the creature between the two photos indicates that an actual creature is its subject, as does the eyeshine – at different levels of intensity which match with the creature’s movement. 

Canadian Biologist, Tony Scheuhammer, is said to have studied these images and come to the conclusion that it is, indeed an orangutang.

Creep Factor: 💀💀💀 – hairy and scary. Animal or not, I wouldn’t want it outside my house.

Believability: 💀💀💀💀- maybe not a Skunk Ape, but probably a genuine photo of a misidentified animal. I want to believe.

Lord Combermere’s Ghost 

At first glance, this photo from 1891 seems to capture nothing more than a grand library. However, focusing on the bottom left corner of the image, may send a shiver down your spine. 

The image was captured by amateur photographer, Sybell Corbet, who set the camera to take an hour long exposure. It is believed, by some, to capture the spirit of Lord Combermere, reported by some as Sybell’s own brother-in-law, who’s very funeral was taking place whilst the image was captured.

Due to the long exposure time of the image, many have theorised that a servant may have sat briefly in the chair before realising a photograph was being taken and scampering. However, there were said to be very few men in the house at the time, as most of the servants, staff and family members were attending the funeral itself. 

Of course, there is always a risk of double exposure in old photography techniques, so we can not completely rule out the possibility of a deliberate hoax or accidental duping, however, it’s said that Lord Combermere’s children were convinced of the resemblance between the of the supposed spirit and their late father.  

Creep Factor: 💀💀 – quite peaceful, really

Believability: 💀💀- intentional or not, it’s effect was easily replicated by other unscrupulous spirit photographers and mean’s we can’t take ol’ Sybell’s word for it.

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